New. We now offer International searches.


No matter where in the world you may be operating, we ensure your screening program will conform to current local laws and cultures – in all 192 countries in which our resources operates. We will tailor a screening program for you that screens prospective employees and partners according to risk level resulting in a more effective, transparent and efficient screening process.  We will incorporate your hiring standards and policies with local regulations into our delivery platform to ensure consistency worldwide. Our process enables a company’s employment candidates to submit their personal information and download required multi-lingual authorization forms as needed. Your local company HR manager will be updated to follow the progress of each screening component and have access to fully encrypted, pre-employment screening reports via a web browser.


  • Foreign ID Document Validation
  • Criminal Record Check
  • Employment Verification, Overseas
  • Global Compliance Check
  • Professional Credential Verification, Overseas
  • Compliance & Financial Risk Search
  • Global Media Watch

- and more.


We provide a single source, worldwide screening solution that is culturally-adaptive and easy-to-use. In addition to providing international background checks in over 192 countries worldwide, we offer our customers cost savings (vs doing it themselves), a consistent screening process globally, a thorough & reliable screening service, a screening process that is guaranteed to be legal in all countries, minimization of privacy-related risks and avoidance of costly litigation from bad hires or enforcement action from local authorities.