Our pricing depends on many variables.

We offer discounts to non-profits and specific health care related companies.

In fact we'll run a comprehensive search for $20. Try us will cost you $20 to find out how good we are.


Although pricing is a factor in your budget, we encourage you to contact us first to see if we are a fit for you and your organization. Buying on price always leads to remorse.


We have searched the competition, and our Monitoring system is up to 10 times lower than the competition. Why? We don't charge monthly fees. Call us to discuss how we can meet your budget.


County, State & Federal searches:

We cannot control how fast a county or state enters in their information, nor fix a price for their reports. Each state handles things differently. As an example, currently, Massachusetts charges $20 for a court fee. That money goes to the state, not us. We do not make a profit on what the state charges.