90% of companies never run a background check after they hire someone!

The criminal background of current employees and volunteers is imperative for a safe business environment. We make it easy with our new monitoring service.

You should consider a post-employment risk management program that includes monitoring.

We will automatically monitor the name you search for one year (or more) and alert you to any new changes that are detected and to comply with FCRA and other regulatory guidelines. Thus, you track on-going changes- keeping you in compliance with your policies, insurance company, lawyers, and government agencies.

We will also send an email reminder when it is time to renew the monitoring service for another year. You can also remove the name at any time. Call to upgrade all of your instant searches today.
We challenge you to google "background check monitoring or criminal monitoring". Prices are similar to credit checks, $9+ per month or more. Our pricing is significantly less. Call to find out.

This service can only be performed on current employees who have been checked through our service previously.